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High Fat Diet -Ketosis ( Ketogenic Diet )

How the high-fat diet works ( Ketosis )


Ketogenic Diet


During the week (Monday – Friday), you eat (by calories) about 55..60% fat, 30..35% protein, and no more than 30g of carbohydrates. The plentiful supply of fat causes a metabolic shift from primarily burning carbs to primarily burning fats. Insulin levels remains low (which increases GH release). Increased dietary fat is also linked to increased testosterone levels. Despite popular belief, the human body can run pretty well without carbs.

During the weekend (Saturday – Sunday, about 24 to 48 hours), you eat a high carb, medium fat (30..40%), low protein (10..15%) diet. This causes an insulin spike. While this can increase fat deposits, it moves more nutrients into your muscles, and has an anabolic effect. The important thing is to switch back to the high fat / low carb mode before you put on too much fat.

What are the benefits ?
¥ Increased lean body mass without the use of illegal substances.
¥ Maximize the effects of your own hormones.
¥ Reduced cortisol levels resulting in reduced catabolism.
¥ Increased energy level compared to low-fat diets.
¥ Decrease body fat without increasing lean mass, e.g. lose 90% fat, 10% muscle instead of 60% fat / 40% muscle on most other diets.
¥ Burning fat is less efficient -> increased metabolic rate.
¥ Plentiful supply of protein. What about Cholesterol ? If you keep your fat intake somewhat balanced, i.e. not exclusively saturated fats, you should have no problem. For example, eggs tend to increase your HDL level (good Cholesterol). Your actual mileage may vary – test your Cholesterol level before you start.

Getting started / tips
¥ Eat 5 to 6 meals daily.
¥ Eat something when you are hungry – don’t wait.
¥ Keep sodium intake reasonable, some meat products can be pretty high.
¥ Drink enough water !
¥ This diet doesn’t work if your fat intake goes too low (below about 40%).
¥ Start at around 3000 calories per day (or 18*bw), then adjust up or down depending on your results and goals.
¥ You may need to use a fiber supplement (watch out for hidden carbs).
¥ First week can be rough – stick with it.
¥ Regularly check bodyfat percentage (for example using calipers).
¥ During the weekend, be careful with foods with high glycemic index – they can wreak havoc on your insulin level, and switch you into fat storage mode more quickly.
Low carb foods Try to get as much natural fiber as possible from salad or vegetables, while staying within the 30g carb target. The usual suspects:Beef, Chicken etc. Fish Cheese Butter Any kind of oil Veggies:Almonds (1oz = 5..6g), Asparagus, Avocado (1/2 = 6g), Broccoli, Cauliflower, Eggplant, Green beans, Lettuce, Mushrooms, Olives, Peanuts (1oz = 6g), Red / Green peppers, Spinach, Sprouts, Tofu, soy milk, Zucchini Condiments:Caesar salad dressing, Oil and vinegar salad dressing, Mustard (e.g. Dijon), Pickles, Sour cream For the sweet tooth:Dole or Welsh no sugar added fruit pops (6g each)Sugar free Jell-O + whipped cream (within reason) Caffeine can help burn fat (but only on a low carb / high fat diet).

The problem anabolic dieters face is twofold. One problem resides in finding what exactly works, and what does not. The second problem begins when you first start the anabolic diet. You are creating an entirely different arena for which the supplements can or can not work. Some of it is simple. Obviously carb drinks are out of the question, so are most supplements like weight gainers and even some protein supplements which I will address later. First let’s address which supplements the anabolic dieter should stay away from.
1. Carb drinks, weight gainers with carbs, in fact anything with carbs in it that can be considered a supplement. carbs









mct-oil2. MCT oil. There has been quite a bit of debate as to whether an anabolic dieter can use this supplement. The answer is real simple, and although it has its place in a carb-based diet, it has ABSOLUTELY no place in a high fat diet. While having a protein-sparing effect on a diet high in carbohydrates, MCT’s can play real havoc with the body on the high fat diet. Instead of using up the long chain fatty acids that make up most bodyfat, the body opts to use the MCT’s. This results in a bypassing of the metabolic processes that the high fat diet sets up to burn its own fat. The decrease in fat to lean mass the diet seeks to deliver is thus lost. It should also be pointed out that the long chain fatty triglycerides used in the anabolic diet, have many advantages over MCT’s. They have an EVEN GREATER protein-sparing effect than the MCT’s used for energy. And, along with decreasing the production of bodyfat (which the MCT’s also do) they increase the amount of existing body fat broken down and serve to greatly decrease body fat levels.

vadyl3. Vanadyl Sulphate. Vanadate (a salt of vanadic acid which is derived from vanadium) is an essential trace element in most body tissues of mammals but has an unknown function. However, both the vanadate and vanadyl forms of vanadium have been shown to stimulate possible insulin-like effects. Its effects have been reported to diminish the diabetic effect by either substituting for and replacing insulin or possibly enhancing the effects of the existing insulin in the body on diabetic rats. Oral vanadate, however, seems to have little effect on plasma glucose levels in non-diabetic rats. Another study done on rats found that despite the improvement of the rat’s diabetic state, vanadate-treated rats did not gain more weight than the untreated rats, and in fact, in some studies, caused a DECREASE in bodyweight in control and diabetic rats due to decreased food intake. In real life, I have found that vanadyl sulfate seems to increase the “pump” from workouts and by some mechanism allows the pump to remain for some time after a workout. I also have noticed that it seems to increase “hardness” and in me, vascularity. The problem for anabolic dieters stems from the fact that it either works with insulin, or by itself acting like insulin. As you know, insulin on the 5 high fat days of the diet is chronically low, and glycogen levels are chronically elevated for very good reason. By taking the vanadyl sulfate during this time, I can assure you that it won’t work for 2 reasons. Low insulin levels, and little or no carbohydrates in the diet to stimulate the insulin or the vanadyl sulfate. Therefore stay away from it on the high fat days. On the other hand, if you want to take it on your 2 carb-loading days, that is fine, and the vanadyl will work for you properly. But I still can’t recommend it either way, from evidence of toxicity to the liver, and because further research is needed to substantiate any of the many claims made by the manufacturers. Supplements to take on the Anabolic Diet1. Caffeine


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