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Its been a Fantastic Ride for me Since 2008 in the fitness sector ,

As in 2008 Lot of people Started E-commerce for Fitness Stream it was estimated that 2016 Will be a Boom for the fitness Sector In India  !!

And yes we can actually see so many people interested in changing their physiques and Started Adapting Fit Life and Started Chasing their Dreams to get chiselled with abs and labla labla :-p

I would actually like to share with you all a Short and Crisp Packed Answers Which Always have been questioned to me ..

About My Life..


My life has been a mixture of recipes , with variety of flavours . Completed My Masters in Computer Applications started working as a professional Tech expert with one of a renowned brand .. However my eating habits smoking and lifestyle was making me sick day by day ..

Randomly Got into a office gym one day . It was damn painful for first week and since then its an addiction and now a joyful lifestyle ..

I decided to Quit my job and started Educating myself with Fitness and nutrition and then completed GGU , ISSA , certifications for which i studied very hard ..

Also Done TV & Print Advertisements for Few Brands

Currently playing a dual role in my life as an Software Engineer and as an Freelancing Personal Trainer .. and Loving my Lifestyle !!

Commencement To Fitness..


Being into Information Technology sector and a U.S.A process the graveyard shifts were actually taking me to graveyards .. No eating Timetable , i was a regular smoker use to smoke 2 packs a day within my shifts , With the height of 6ft i was only 49 Kgs , So i started weight training in my office gym , started to put on mass on my frame and when people started to appreciate , i was also noticing the difference in my looks and from the inner soul was feeling much relaxed and cool .. That was the day i decided to get into fitness and its been 7 years i have been addicted to this and i guess its now ” Fitness for life ” for me ..

Biggest Challenge (psychological/physical)


The biggest challenge i was facing was the same normally 99% of the people nowadays face i.e proper guidance for , form of the exercise , proper guidance for nutrition , and definitely how to integrate all required things into your lifestyle .. Its not easy for a working man to eat frequently and workout for many hours in the gym .. However people still don’t understand the difference between what is healthy and unhealthy according to their lifestyles .. Most of the Gym trainers in many of the major cities are uneducated , but yes its a Bold statement , just by building size on their frames with hard work nutrition and anabolic Steroids does not make you a great coach . A coach has to understand many factors with the clients and design the plan according to his needs .. One does not have to be forced about it though .. That was the only reason i decided to do certifications and Till date i have 5 international Certifications with Me 🙂

As a Mentor


People often come to me and they say “wow” man that’s an ideal physique you have Got and believe you me i just smile for their generosity . However they don’t know the pain the process the hard work which i did for all this .. However to be précised by guiding them properly and showing the right path , my clients see results within a fraction of days and they automatically get inspired by themselves .. I never ask my clients to quit anything .. All you need is to replace bad habits with Gud ones .. However i would like to say that Its your inner soul which will scream at you to transform , without a goal there is no path to walk . and yes i can say that i guide people to make their Goals and make them walk with their own lifestyle convenience and this is the reason why i have got my clients with results and ultimate satisfaction with my services ..

Fitness Dream


I just want to pass on the knowledge that i have gathered within these years in this industry to everyone seeking help , Also clearing the misconceptions of people regarding this sport .

To be honest its a difficult question for me because now a days sports and events are so biased that youngsters are getting deviated towards fast results and doing unhealthy activities with themselves for faster results …  Well its your respective life and you can do whatever you want to , However if you educate yourself regarding this sport more , learn more techniques and guide people with right stuff , that day will be a great day for this industry , but unfortunately Greed has over taken !!

I actually have never believed to earn with fitness , but the times are changing perhaps ..

Many of the so called athletes or to be specific sponsored ones don’t even know the anatomy or kinesiology which are the basics of this sport which i really feel petty about ..