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Boost Your Natural Testosterone – Herbal Way


Boost Your Natural Testosterone – Herbal Way With These 2 Easily Available Components


1. TRIBULUS TERRESTRIS    tribulus-terrestris-testosterone-booster

Tribulus is one of a growing number of herbs that is getting a lot of press from bodybuilding writers and supplements manufactures these days .

Tribulus has a long history in folk medicine . The Ancient Greeks supposedly used it as a diuretic , the Chinese used it to cure about just every ailment known ; and Eastern Europeans employ the herbs for treating Libido .

The reason why Tribulus crossed over Bodybuilding is because of the herbs supposed effects of testosterone . Unlike ANDRO & DHEA , which served as precursors for testosterone , tribulus goes at it from another direction . Tribulus is Believed to boost levels of leutinizing harmone (LH) .LH is the brains chemical messenger that tells the testes when to produce more testosterone . So while tribulus dosent directly incease testosterone levels , it does increase LH levels , which in turn increase testosterone . Now you see why tribulus has been used for thousands of years as an Aphrodisiac.

Increasing libido and testosterone is one thing , but many readers are no doubt asking if the herb is of any use to body builders . The Answer is a Guarded “YES” . We say Guarded because theres liited evidence that tribulus can elevate testosterone levels . Given the relationship between testosterone  and muscle building , tribulus may speed recovery between workouts .


The Anecdotal evidence suggests using 500 to 1000 milligrams of tribulus per day . The Herb can be taken by itself or , as in the norm these days , combined with testosterone precursor ( ANDRO & DHEA )

The Only reported Side Effects from using the Tribulus is a slight to moderate burning sensation in the stomach . This can easily be eliminated by taking the prepration with meals  or copious amount of water .

2. SAW PALMETTO  nrt-44648-2

Saw Palmetto is the common name for the tropical plant Serenoa repens. Like Tribulus , this palm-like herb has been used for years as an alternative form to mainstream medicine . It Too Has been promoted to cure just about every physical ailment . And while the scientific evidence is sketchy , few herbs have stood the test of the time like Saw Palmetto .

Saw Palmetto receives its biggest endorsement as an Anti-DHT Compound. DHT or dihydrotestosterone is one of the metabolities of testosterone , and has been liked to prostate enlargement . Saw Palmetto is beleived to help prevent such conversion . There’s also evidence to syggest Saw Palmetto extracts are anti-estrogenic in nature . If True Bodybuilders who use steroids or testosterone precursors may want to include Saw  Palmetto in their supplement arsenal . The Recommended Dosage : 150-200milligrams per day


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