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Put On Massive Muscle Size Without Steroids


Put On Massive Muscle Size Without Steroids

There are several primary keys to pack on muscle mass Without Steroids .If you use these keys you will greatly help you in gaining muscle mass.

If you Ignore them , you will have a difficult time getting as big as you want. These all-important keys to size include :






Basics  – Focus on the basic compound movements the exercise that pack in mass such as bench presses , squats , weighted dips , deadlifts , heavy curls , rowing motions , chinups , presses etc .

Heavy Duty – Use primarily heavy weights

Power/Pump Rotation – Rotate between power and pumped workouts .

Fuel – Get adequate fuel , meaning muscle replenishment food. Get tanked up after the workout to refill your carbohydrates needs , and get filled up with plenty of protein for the muscle-building action .

eat clean










Rest – Get more than adequate rest between workouts.

Intensity – Make each workout as intense as possible.

Stretch – Stretch often – before, during and after workouts.

Aerobic/Cardio – Include some (fairly minimal) aerobic/cardio work.

Plan – Have a definite plan of attack – diet, routine, etc.

Positive Attitude – Believe that you can build that muscular body size.

Squats – Heavy-duty squatting stimulates overall muscle-mass production like crazy.

Heavy-Duty Lifts – Perform a lot of weighted dips, bench presses, rowing movements, basic curls, and deadlifts with increasingly heavier weights during any size cycle; and most important:

Focus – Focus on building muscle size as opposed to just body size!

One of the most basic and fundamental elements for putting on massive muscle size is the use of heavy metal. There is no quicker way to put on muscle size than with a specified muscle mass-building program utilizing heavy weights. Used in conjunction with a nutritious and adequate diet, the results are dynamic. The main concept to grasp in building a “buff” body is this: focus on increasing muscle size as opposed to just body size. The bigger the muscle, the more appealing the body mass will be. Apply a hard work ethic in a wise manner when in the gym and you can build a massively muscular body.


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