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The Correct Form For Dead lift

The Correct Form For Dead lift :

The Correct Form For Dead lift



* With your feet shoulder wide apart : stand with your shins touching a loaded barbell placed on the floor.

* Bend your Knees : and squat down , grasping the bar with an overhand grip , just outside your legs , using a staggered grip ( one hand pronated and other hand supinated ) , however will actually allow you to lift more weight .

* Arch your back : and try to keep it as straight as possible during the lift to minimize stress on the lower back .

* Keeping your Arms straight : drive through the floor with your feet as you pull up on the bar , keeping your head straight and back tight . Allow the bar to slide along the front of your shins and thighs as you pull upwards .

* At the Top , : Shift your shoulders back and hips forwards slightly , as if coming to attention “. squeezing your legs , glutes , and back as you hold the position for a moment .

* Of Course once you have lifted the bar , you will have to lower it again . : If you try to put it down by simply bending forwards at the waist , you can injure your lower back , instead , concentrate on keeping your back flat and your head straight , and lower the weight bending your knees and hips, reversing the path of the positive rep.


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